A unique feature of Mathikkunnu Temple is Karyasidhi Pooja. It is an extra ordinary pooja to attain Job, Promotion, Childbirth, Marriage, Higher Education, Monetary Benefits and above all Mental Peace. There are thousands of people who are blessed by the Goddess of Mathikkunnu. All devotees if they are auspicious and authentic are accepted and blessed. Thousands of devotees consist of all stratas (irrespective of caste, creed and religion) come to the temple and participate the Karyasidhi Pooja
Timings Every Wednesday
10.30 AM - 12.00 PM.

The devotees  who wishes to take part in pooja observe the following:-
1.Penance (Vritham)  should be observed from the day before the pooja
2. To whom the pooja is offered, they should continuously attend the pooja not less than 21 weeks
3. Those who are unable to attend the pooja personally in all weeks can take receipts in advance  and the pooja will be conducted by the temple itself.
4. The blessed Prasadham of pooja will be sent by post for a nominal rate if the devotees request to do so or they can collect the same from the temple as per their convenience  by producing the advance receipt.
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