Prathishtadhinam (Vela Maholsavam)  
The most important annual festival of the temple Prathishtadhinam and Vela Maholsavam are celebrated during the month of Makaram on Atham Nakshathra( Jan / Feb). The Festival begins with kodiyettam 7days before Vela Maholsavam and whole desam is in a festive mood . Ornamented and decorated elephants representing 19 desams (localities) with Panchari Melam, Pachavadhyam, Theyyams and Velakkali accompanies the Folk dances go in a procession to the temple and dip the whole desam into mirth and happiness. In additions to this, Parapurappadu begins 30 days before the Vela Maholsavam and goes to the houses located in Trikkur, Kallur and Ponnukkara villages for blessing devotees. On Prathishtadhinam thousands of devotees takes-part in the Prasadayoottu.
The temple remains closed for 7 days after the Grant Vela Maholsavam. When Sanctum Sanctorm ( Sreekovil) of the temple re opens on 7th day to the devotees, thousands are offer their prayers through Pongala to the Goddess. It is believed that the devotees will be blessed and their desires are fulfilled within a year
“The festival of lights” is celebrated on Pournami day ( Karthika) in the month of Vrichikam ( Nov / Dec ) every year. Thousands of lights are lightened on that day evening by the devotees. During this period (5.30 pm -6.30 pm) lady devotees are only allowed for Dharsan in the Nalambalam.
Kalamezhuthu Pattu
The Kalamezhuthu Pattu (folk song) with Kalam of different deities is being performed on 1st day of Vrichikam ( Nov / Dec)
The particular event is celebrated in the moth of Karkkidakam ( Jul / Aug) every year.
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